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Go Solar California has done a great job of being transparent with their information and I have summarized what I feel are the top solar panel manufacturer | solar panel manufacturers based on what the California government has rated are acceptable panels to be purchased for their initiative.

I consider these to be solar panel manufacturer rankings that you can use for Arizona, New Jersey, etc because if California passed them, then I believe these are the top solar companies right now.

You can see the solar panel information such as product is here as well. The rating is a loose rating of overall performance based on a variety of factors. I excluded the low performers.

Manufacturer NameModule Model NumberRating
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-330DGF/50297
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-330DGF/50-330297
SunPower CorporationSPR-315E-WHT-U291.6
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300DGF/50-320287.8
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300-DGF/17-315283
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300-DGF/50-315282.8
SunPower CorporationSPR-305-WHT-U282.1
SunPower CorporationPL-SUNP-SPR-305279.9
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300DGF/50-310278.5
SunPower CorporationSPR-300E-WHT-U277.4
Solar Integrated TechnologiesSI-G1 288272.3
Solar Integrated TechnologiesSI-T1 288272.3
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300-DGF/50-300269.3
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300-DGF/17-300269.1
SunPower CorporationSPR-290-WHT-U267.9
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300DGF/50-290260.2
AstroPower, Inc.LAPX-300259.2
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP250/6+/01 290Wp258.8
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300-DGF/17-285255.4
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300-DGF/50-285255.4
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP250/6+/01 285Wp254.2
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300DGF/50-280251
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P672280250.5
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP250/6+/01 280Wp249.6
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P672275245.9
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP250/6+/01 275Wp245
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-270DGF/17242
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-270DGF/50-270241.8
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P672270241.4
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP250/6+/01 270Wp240.5
Solar SemiconductorSSI-M6-270238.1
Solar SemiconductorSSI-S6-270238.1
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300-DGF/50-265237
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P672265236.8
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP250/6+/01 265Wp235.9
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-270DGF/50-260232.7
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300-DGF/50-260232.6
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P672260232.2
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP250/6+/01 260Wp231.3
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P672255227.6
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP250/6+/01 255Wp226.8
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-250DGF/17223.7
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-250DGF/50-250223.6
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P672250223
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP250/6+/01 250Wp222.2
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P672245218.5
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-250DGF/50-240214.5
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300-DGF/42-240214.3
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P672240213.9
SunPower CorporationSPR-230-WHT-U213.5
Canadian Solar IncCS5P-240213.2
Siliken S.A.SLK60P6L 233 Wp210.6
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP220/6+/01 235Wp209.5
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P672235209.3
Canadian Solar IncCS5P-235208.6
Siliken S.A.SLK60P6L 230 Wp207.9
SunPower CorporationSPR-225-BLK-U207.1
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-250DGF/50-230205.4
Siliken S.A.SLK60P6L 227 Wp205.1
REC ScanModule ABSCM230205
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP220/6+/01 230Wp204.9
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P672230204.8
aleo solar AGS_18.230204.6
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-230204.4
Gloria Solar Co., Ltd.GSM6-230D-UO1204.4
Canadian Solar IncCS5P-230204
Sharp CorporationND-U230C1203.2
Sharp CorporationND-V230A1203.2
SunPower CorporationSPR-220-WHT-U203.2
Siliken S.A.SLK60P6L 224 Wp202.3
SunPower CorporationSPR-220-BLK-U202.3
SunPower CorporationPL-SUNP-SPR-220201.6
Open Energy CorporationSP225201.5
Open Energy CorporationSP225-PC201.5
Open Energy CorporationSP225-SC201.5
SunPower CorporationSPR-217-WHT-U201.2
REC ScanModule ABSCM225200.4
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP220/6+/01 225Wp200.4
aleo solar AGS_18.225200
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-225199.8
Canadian Solar IncCS5P-225199.5
Siliken S.A.SLK60P6L 221 Wp199.5
SunPower CorporationSPR-215-WHT-U198.5
Solar SemiconductorSSI-M6-225198.4
Solar SemiconductorSSI-S6-225198.4
Alps Technology IncATI-2000(230)197.9
Ligitek Photovoltaic Co LtdLM230BB00197.9
Solartech Power Inc.SPM230P197.9
Sharp CorporationND-224U1F197.8
Sharp CorporationND-224U2197.8
Sharp CorporationND-224UC1197.8
Sharp CorporationND-U224C1197.8
SunPower CorporationSPR-215-BLK-U197.6
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P654220197.1
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-P220197.1
Siliken S.A.SLK60P6L 218 Wp196.8
SunPower CorporationPL-SUNP-SPR-215196.8
REC ScanModule ABSCM220195.9
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP220/6+/01 220Wp195.8
aleo solar AGS_18.220195.5
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-220195.2
Gloria Solar Co., Ltd.GSM6-220D-UO1195.2
Canadian Solar IncCS5P-220194.9
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-M220194.4
Sharp CorporationND-220U1F194.2
Sharp CorporationND-220U2194.2
Sharp CorporationND-220UC1194.2
Siliken S.A.SLK60P6L 215 Wp194
SunPower CorporationSPR-210-BLK-U193.7
SunPower CorporationSPR-210-WHT-U193.7
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-205BA3193.5
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-205BA5193.5
Solartech Power Inc.SPM225P193.4
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P654215192.5
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-P215192.5
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-205BA19191.9
REC ScanModule ABSCM215191.3
Siliken S.A.SLK60P6L 212 Wp191.2
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP220/6+/01 215Wp191.2
aleo solar AGS_18.215190.9
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-215190.7
Sharp CorporationND-216U1F190.5
Sharp CorporationND-216U2190.5
Sharp CorporationND-216UC1190.5
Sharp CorporationND-U216C1190.5
Canadian Solar IncCS5P-215190.4
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-M215189.9
Schuco USA LPSPV 210 SMAU-1189.9
Evergreen SolarES-A 210-fa2189.8
SunPower CorporationPL-SUNP-SPR-210189.3
Alps Technology IncATI-2000(220)189
Ligitek Photovoltaic Co LtdLM220BB00189
Solartech Power Inc.SPM220P189
SunPower CorporationSPR-205-BLK-U189
Suntech Power, Inc.STP210-18/Ub-1189
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-200BA3188.7
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-200BA5188.7
Suntech Power, Inc.STP210S-18/Ub-1188.5
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P654210187.9
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-P210187.9
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-200BA19187.1
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-200DA3187.1
SunPower CorporationPL-ND-6KE1DA187.1
SunPower CorporationPL-ND-6KE1DF187.1
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-200CA1187
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-200CA2187
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-200CA3187
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-200CA4187
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-200CA5187
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-200CA6187
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-200CA7187
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-200CA8187
REC ScanModule ABSCM210186.7
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP220/6+/01 210Wp186.7
aleo solar AGS_18.210186.4
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-210186.1
Gloria Solar Co., Ltd.GSM6-210D-UO1186.1
Canadian Solar IncCS5P-210185.9
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-M210185.3
Evergreen SolarES-A 205-fa2185.2
SunPower CorporationPL-ND-U8E1D185
Kyocera Solar, Inc.KD210GX-L184.6
Kyocera Solar, Inc.KD210GX-LP184.6
Andalay Solar, Inc.KC210-1184.5
Solartech Power Inc.SPM215P184.5
SunPower CorporationPL-ND-6AE1DA184.3
SunPower CorporationSPR-200-BLK-U184.3
SunPower CorporationSPR-200-WHT-U184.3
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-195BA3183.5
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-195BA5183.5
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P654205183.3
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-P205183.3
Sharp CorporationND-208U1183.3
Sharp CorporationND-208U1F183.3
Sharp CorporationND-208U2183.3
Sharp CorporationND-208UC1183.3
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-195DA3182.4
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-195CA1182.3
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-195CA2182.3
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-195CA3182.3
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-195CA4182.3
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-195CA5182.3
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-195CA6182.3
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-195CA7182.3
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-195CA8182.3
REC ScanModule ABSCM205182.2
SunPower CorporationPL-ND-U5E1D182.2
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP220/6+/01 205Wp182.1
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-195BA19181.9
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-205181.6
Canadian Solar IncCS5P-205181.3
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-M205180.8
Schuco USA LPSPV 200 SMAU-1180.7
Evergreen SolarES-A 200-fa2180.6
Sharp CorporationND-205U1180.6
Solar Power IncSP205FP12180.5
Yes! Solar SolutionsES205W180.5
Alps Technology IncATI-2000(210)180.1
Ligitek Photovoltaic Co LtdLM210BB00180.1
Solartech Power Inc.SPM210P180.1
Andalay Solar, Inc.KC205-1180
Kyocera Solar, Inc.KD205GX-L180
Kyocera Solar, Inc.KD205GX-LP180
Suntech Power, Inc.STP200-18/Ub-1179.8
SunPower CorporationPL-ND-6AE1D179.7
Suntech Power, Inc.STP200S-18/Ub-1179.3
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-P200178.8
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P654200178.7
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-190BA178.7
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-190BA1178.7
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-190BA2178.7
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-190BA3178.7
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-190BA5178.7
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-190DA1178.6
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-190DA2178.6
Evergreen SolarES-200-RL177.9
Evergreen SolarES-200-SL177.9
Evergreen SolarES-200-TL177.9
Evergreen SolarES-200-VL177.9
GE EnergyGEPVc-205-MSA177.8
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP220/6+/01 200Wp177.6
BP SolarSX3200B177.5
BP SolarSX3200B_Q177.5
BP SolarSX3200N_Q177.5
BP SolarSX3200W177.5
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-190BA2177.5
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-190CA1177.5
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-190CA2177.5
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-190CA2177.5
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-190CA3177.5
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-190CA4177.5
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-190CA5177.5
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-190CA6177.5
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-190CA7177.5
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-190CA8177.5
Kyocera Solar, Inc.KC200GT177.2
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-190BA19177.2
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-190DA3177.2
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-200177
Gloria Solar Co., Ltd.GSM6-200D-UO1177
Canadian Solar IncCS5P-200176.8
Chien Luen IndustriesBI-156-200W176.4
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-M200176.2
Solar SemiconductorSSI-M6-200176.2
Solar SemiconductorSSI-S6-200176.2
Sharp CorporationND-200U2176.1
Sharp CorporationND-200UC1176.1
SunPower CorporationPL-SHARP-ND-U0E1D176.1
Sharp CorporationND-200U1176
Sharp CorporationND-200U1F176
Evergreen SolarES-A 195-fa2175.9
Solar Power, Inc.SP200FP12175.9
Yes! Solar SolutionsEnergy Series ES200W175.9
Solartech Power Inc.SPM205P175.7
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-186BA3174.9
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-186BA5174.9
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-186DA1174.8
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-186DA2174.8
Sharp CorporationND-198U1F174.7
Sharp CorporationND-198U2174.7
Sharp CorporationND-198UC1174.7
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-P195174.2
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P654195174.1
Mitsubishi Electric CorporationPV-UD195MF5173.9
Schott Solar, Inc.ASE-300-DGF/34-195173.5
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-186BA19173.4
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-186DA3173.4
Evergreen SolarES-195-RL173.3
Evergreen SolarES-195-SL173.3
Evergreen SolarES-195-TL173.3
Evergreen SolarES-195-VL173.3
GE EnergyGEPVp-200-M173.2
BP SolarSX3195B173
BP SolarSX3195S173
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-195173
SolarWorld California, Inc.SW185 mono/T172.2
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-M195171.7
Solar Power IncSP195FP12171.4
Yes! Solar SolutionsES195W171.4
Alps Technology IncATI-2000(200)171.3
Evergreen SolarES-A 190-fa2171.3
Ligitek Photovoltaic Co LtdLM200BB00171.3
Solartech Power Inc.SPM200P171.3
Day4 Energy Inc.Day4 48MC 190171.1
Suntech Power, Inc.STP190-18/Ub-1170.6
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF160-24-P190170.3
Suntech Power, Inc.STP190S-18/Ub-1170.2
Day4 Energy Inc.Day4 48MC 190169.7
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-P190169.6
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P654190169.5
Mitsubishi Electric CorporationPV-UD190MF5169.3
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-180BA169.1
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-180DA1169.1
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-180DA2169.1
Canadian Solar IncCS5A-190169
Canadian Solar IncCS5B-190169
Gloria Solar Co., Ltd.GSS5-190A-UO1169
Canadian Solar IncCS6A-190168.9
Gloria Solar Co., Ltd.GSM6-190E-UO1168.9
Evergreen SolarES-190-RL168.8
Evergreen SolarES-190-SL168.8
Evergreen SolarES-190-TL168.8
Evergreen SolarES-190-VL168.8
Solar Power IncSP200FP32168.6
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-190168.5
BP SolarSX3190B168.4
BP SolarSX3190S168.4
BP SolarSX3190W168.4
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-J54BA1168.1
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-J54BA2168.1
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF160-24-M190168
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-180BA3168
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-180BA5168
Apollo Solar Energy Co., Ltd.AESC-185G6S167.7
Kyocera Solar, Inc.KC190GT167.7
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-180DA3167.7
SunPower CorporationPL-EVER-ES-190P167.7
Kyocera Solar, Inc.KC187G167.4
Apollo Solar Energy Co., Ltd.AESC-185G6M167.3
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-M190167.2
Solar Power IncSP190FP12166.9
Yes! Solar SolutionsES190W166.9
Day4 Energy Inc.Day4 48MC 185166.5
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-180BA19166.4
Sharp CorporationNT-188U1166.3
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF160-24-P185165.7
Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co., LtdTSM-185D165.6
Day4 Energy Inc.Day4 48MC 185165.2
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P654185165
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-P185165
GE EnergyGEPVp-185-M164.8
Sharp CorporationND-187U1164.8
Sharp CorporationND-187U1F164.8
Sharp CorporationND-187U2164.8
Sharp CorporationND-187UC1164.8
Mitsubishi Electric CorporationPV-UD185MF5164.7
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP180/6+/01 185Wp164.7
aleo solar AGS_16.185164.4
Canadian Solar IncCS6A-185164.4
BP SolarBP7185S164
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-185163.9
Mitsubishi Electric CorporationPV-MF185UD4163.5
Sharp CorporationNT-185U1163.5
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF160-24-M185163.4
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-175BA3163.3
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-175BA5163.3
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-H552BA1163.3
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-H552BA2163.3
Sharp CorporationNT-S5E1U163.3
Apollo Solar Energy Co., Ltd.AESC-180G6S163.1
CEEG Solar ScienceSST 190-72M163
Apollo Solar Energy Co., Ltd.AESC-180G6M162.7
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-M185162.7
SolarWorld California, Inc.SW175 mono/T162.7
SolarWorld California, Inc.SW175 poly/T162.7
Suntech Power, Inc.STP180-24/Ab-1162.5
Zhejiang Wanxiang Solar Co. LtdWXS185S162.5
SunPower CorporationPL-SY-HIP-H552BA2162.2
Day4 Energy Inc.Day4 48MC 180161.9
Schuco USA LPS180 SPU-4161.2
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF160-24-P180161.1
Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co., LtdTSM-180D161
Day4 Energy Inc.Day4 48MC 180160.6
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-P180160.5
ET Solar Industry, Ltd.ET-P654180160.4
BP SolarBP7180S160.2
Auxin Solar LLCAXN-180W/24V160.1
Jiangsu Aide Solar Energy Technology Co LtdXZST-180W/24V160.1
Mitsubishi Electric CorporationPV-UD180MF5160.1
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP180/6+/01 180Wp160.1
Canadian Solar IncCS5A-180159.9
Canadian Solar IncCS5B-180159.9
Gloria Solar Co., Ltd.GSS5-180A-UO1159.9
aleo solar AGS_16.180159.8
BP SolarBP4180B159.8
BP SolarBP4180N159.8
BP SolarSX4180N159.8
Canadian Solar IncCS6A-180159.8
Gloria Solar Co., Ltd.GSM6-180E-UO1159.8
BP SolarBP4180I159.7
Changzhou Nesl Solartech Co LtdDJ-180D159.7
Evergreen SolarES-180-RL159.7
Evergreen SolarES-180-SL159.7
Evergreen SolarES-180-TL159.7
Evergreen SolarES-180-VL159.7
Canadian Solar IncCS6P-180159.4
Sharp CorporationND-181U1159.3
Sharp CorporationND-181U1F159.3
Sharp CorporationND-181U2159.3
Alps Technology IncATI-1750(185)159.2
Suntech Power, Inc.STP180S-24/Ab-1159.1
Mitsubishi Electric CorporationPV-MF180UD4159
Sharp CorporationNT-180U1159
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF160-24-M180158.9
SunPower CorporationPL-EVER-ES-180P158.7
Solar SemiconductorSSI-M6-180158.6
Solar SemiconductorSSI-S6-180158.6
CEEG Solar ScienceSST 185-72M158.5
Apollo Solar Energy Co., Ltd.AESC-175G6S158.4
Alps Technology IncATI 1650-175158.3
Matrix Solar/PhotowattPW1650-175158.3
Shell Solar IndustriesShell PowerMax Ultra 175-P158.3
Shell Solar IndustriesShell PowerMax Ultra 175-PC158.3
Shell Solar IndustriesSQ175-P158.3
Shell Solar IndustriesSQ175-PC158.3
SolarWorld California, Inc.SW175 mono/P158.3
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-M180158.2
Apollo Solar Energy Co., Ltd.AESC-175G6M158.1
SunWize Technologies, LLCSW 180157.9
Zhejiang Wanxiang Solar Co. LtdWXS180S157.9
Suntech Power, Inc.STP175-24/Ab-1157.8
Day4 Energy Inc.Day4 48MC 175157.3
Baoding Yingli New EnergyYL175(156)157.2
Andalay Solar, Inc.ST175-1156.9
Crown Renewable Energy LLCCR180XM156.7
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-167BA156.7
Shanghai Solar Energy S&T Co Ltd.S-180C156.7
SolarWorld California, Inc.SW175 mono156.6
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF160-24-P175156.5
Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co., LtdTSM-175D156.4
Ligitek Photovoltaic Co LtdLM180BB00156.1
Day4 Energy Inc.Day4 48MC 175156
Kyocera Solar, Inc.KD180GX-L156
Kyocera Solar, Inc.KD180GX-LP156
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co LtdSF190-27-P175155.9
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-G751BA1155.8
Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.HIP-G751BA2155.8
Andalay Solar, Inc.KC180-1155.7
Mitsubishi Electric CorporationPV-UD175MF5155.6
Solon Ag Fuer SolartechnikP180/6+/01 175Wp155.5
aleo solar AGS_16.175155.3
Canadian Solar IncCS5A-175155.3
Sharp CorporationND-176U1Y155.3
Sharp CorporationND-176UC1155.3
BP SolarBP175 B155.2
BP SolarBP175 I155.2
BP SolarBP4175 Bx155.2
BP SolarBP4175 Ix155.2
BP SolarBP4175B155.2
BP SolarBP4175I155.2
BP SolarBP4175N155.2
BP SolarBP4175S155.2
BP SolarSX3175B155.2
BP SolarSX3175B_Q155.2
BP SolarSX3175I155.2
BP SolarSX3175N155.2
BP SolarSX3175N_Q155.2
BP SolarSX4175N155.2
BP SolarSX6175N155.2
Canadian Solar IncCS6A-175155.2
Changzhou Nesl Solartech Co LtdDJ-175D155.1


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