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When The Gulf Of Mexico Had An Oil Spill A Few Years Ago, It Did A Climate Change On Us.

When The Gulf Of Mexico Had An Oil Spill A Few Years Ago, It Did A Climate Change On Us.

mexican gulf oil spill climate change global warming consequences

I am not a farmer. Nor am I an engineer. So I am really surprised by the lack of engineering in the farming community to offset the drought conditions we have experienced this year.

Our planet is covered in oceans of water that is not capable of supporting our farming community. It has way too much salt in it.

Our oceans provide us with a lot of oxygen. The Sun produces the energy that makes the oceans into distilled water in the form of vapor. These are the clouds we see in the sky. This process is natural. It recycles the water on the planet over our lands to produce rain for our crops.

It does not take an engineer or a scientist to figure out what is going on. When the Gulf of Mexico had an oil spill a few years ago, it did a climate change on us. Oil is capable of floating on water. I don’t understand all the engineering of this. But with this huge spill, the water does not condense into clouds over the Gulf.

So what you have is a drought all over the Eastern side of the continent. The other side of this story is the Gulf Stream. Going at 35-50 miles an hour, this stream circles the Atlantic Ocean. I am sure there are plenty of educated people out there that will deny what I am saying here.

All of Europe and Britain are warmer because of this stream of tropical waters. London is on a similar parallel to Montreal, Canada. We all know what Canada is like in winter. So, Oil again is the villain. It slows the Gulf Stream down. The waters reaching around Europe are colder than normal. Thus, you are in for five or six years of very severe weather in Britain and Europe because of the Oil Spill.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, The Americas are also effected. The drought is a direct result of this lack of ability to form clouds in the Gulf.

Don’t think I have heard anyone blame this Spill out loud before. To solve a problem, the government must not censor the problem from the news media. I think this is what has happened. The solution might be to set up solar furnaces all along the edge of the Gulf. Artificially distill the water into steam clouds in the summer.

It will take a lot of heat from a lot of Solar furnaces to do the job. In the process if it is done right with surface water like within 6-12 feet deep along the shallow shores, we might have the ability to filter out the oil that has formed. This could reverse the problem. But it will take years to accomplish. No one has the ability to clean the entire Gulf overnight.

Yet that Gulf involves a lot of our food production and a lot of our fishing. It involves all of Europe’s climate. All of the above situations are a world wide disaster. So the entire planet needs to coordinate to get things back to some resemblance of normal. That takes leadership. Haven’t seen that kind of leadership in recent years. But surprise me.

Why haven’t they used Hydroponic engineering to compensate for the drought? Disney pioneered this 30 years ago or more. Generally plants need very little water to survive and produce. The problem is irrigation. The Midwest was especially hard hit by this. I live here. I know.

All of my plants survived the drought. Why? I watered for 20 minutes once a week, around 1 in the morning. I wasn’t even consistent. I did it about once a week during the worst month of the drought. I only did it on flowers and grass. Yet every day, I drove past wilting corn fields.

Even a simple set of lawn sprayers, set up on 8 foot 2x4s(2 feet in the ground, 6 feet in the air) would have stopped the drought cold. It should have been free from the government parasites who did nothing to help anyone.

Tale Of New York City

There is a story in New York City that dates me all the way to the beginnings of Television. Every 15 minutes for 2 hours each night, starting around 8 p.m., the water pressure in the pipes plummeted. No one knew why. Then a brilliant water engineer figured it out.

It was toilets flushing every 15 minutes! You see every night the TV Commercials were timed together. So no matter what channel you were on, the commercials all started together. Everyone got up and went to the bathroom. That is why the commercials increase the volume every night.

They want you to hear the commercial from the toilet! So in New York, they had to coordinate the commercials so they did not run at the same time. The water pressure was only moderately down after that.

I bring this up because after midnight, the water pressure is up. So the problem of using too much water is less late at night than it would be in the day time. The Midwest is supplied with water from arteries about 400 feet below the surface. So the supply is really almost unlimited. It is very hard water.

A lot of limestone down there. Probably a system of caverns are down there at least 400 miles long going all the way to the mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee. From there, the water channels to the Gulf through central Florida. It comes out on the Gulf side and is probably the purest water on the planet.

Watering our crops at night needs special privileges on a scale necessary to save our crops. I say give them the water FREE. Compensate the water companies for doing so. Buy the irrigation equipment for anyone owning a field and producing crops.

But make it happen at night. That way most of the water goes into the ground instead of being evaporated by the Sun. The plant roots need the water. Not the leafs, not anything but the water in the soil.

This also helps all life out there survive the drought. This in turn helps everyone as the life cycle is not destroyed. It needs to be done in furrows. So the water has a chance to penetrate the heavy clay soil of the regions.

The other part of this equation is the Sun. The Sun has increased its energy output. It happens every 11 years in a predictable cycle. This is an unusually strong cycle. That happens once every 120 years or so. Don’t hold me to that number. The last one this strong was in 1858. It disrupted telegraph communications.

There are strong magnetic fields attached to Sun Spot eruptions. The urban legend is that it destroyed generators all over the East Coast of this country at the time. If this level is reached again, all of our electrical tools will be destroyed. That includes all the records on computers everywhere.

The only ones not destroyed will be those on optical disks or those extremely well protected against magnetic fields. I think we are caught flat footed on electrical equipment. If a magnetic field passes through an electric coil(transformers) it will generate electricity. The problem is if you have an extremely strong field, it will burn up any equipment you have with a coil on it.

What the drought means to you and me is simple. Less food spells prices going through the roof. So all you people in the lowest economic level might be hurting next year. All of the middle income level will be hurting as well. The rich probably have 7 years of food stored somewhere the government cannot get their greedy little hands on it.

In case you didn’t know, King Obama issued an executive order allowing him to steal all your food supplies any time he feels an emergency food crisis problem happens. It is called nationalizing the food supply so everyone has something to eat. That means rationing for everyone. (I keep getting back to the executive order business. It effects everyone.)

It doesn’t work. Nationalizing people’s farms doesn’t work either. It has already been tried. It was tried at the start of the colony at Jamestown. They pretty much starved to death under that system. Government farms means efficiency goes through the basement.

Only properly motivated privately owned farms have a chance of dealing with this crisis. Nationalizing everyone’s food supply won’t work either. China under communism tried all of that. It was a disaster. Millions died of starvation.

Don’t worry, your local zoning board will make sure you do not plant crops in your back yard next year. Or allow you the ability to raise chickens like they did in World War II. But that is what parasites are for.

Feed themselves and let the rest of the people starve. And we have the best harvest of those parasites in the history of the world right here in the US of A. Most can be found in government, but not all.

Well, normally, the process of government here keeps anything from being agreed on. So the harm is minimal. But when we need real leadership, these people all head for their reclusive farms in overly well defended places out of harm’s way.

The rationing law will only apply to us, not your local Congress person. If the food crisis occurs this winter, that is what I suspect will happen in D.C. It will be a ghost town for a while.

I expect riots. So does your local government when the truth comes out. They have some very expensive quarters all set up for us in the Western part of this country. Better known as Alcatraz type facilities.

According to Jesse Holmes, they have been building these places and leaving them empty for years. They have been arming their bureaucrats. That is scary. I really need untrained bureaucrats shooting weapons at people. Not.

I would rather who ever is in charge get off their lazy behinds. Start a program of engineering to instruct all the farmers how to offset the drought. Ohio State in the Columbus, Ohio area would be a place to start it. I have a lot of respect for the agricultural department there.

The farmers don’t want to go broke anymore than I do. Keep the economic base of small farmers going. Corporate management never did impress me as being very efficient.

They are real good at making orders, shifting responsibility away from themselves when the orders cause problems, and corporate bankruptcy destroying people’s pensions and lives. They then shift to a new corporation and start the process over again. That is after the steal all the assets of the companies they have led.

Just like in the housing industry, the government has functioned as usual. That being they are caught flat footed with no preparation to help anyone when it is needed.

I have one question to ask my local reps. What are you going to do about this situation? If you sit on your hands, if you do nothing and kick the can to the next group of reps, I think you are all going to be out of work next time election rolls around.


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