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Why Solar Hot Water Heater? Top Tips On Saving Money On Heating And Efficient Use Of Energy 2022

Why Solar Hot Water Heater? Top Tips On Saving Money On Heating And Efficient Use Of Energy

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It’s no secret that household energy is ridiculously expensive. Monthly energy bills add up insanely fast and for most people, there is no end in sight. Heating water with fossil fuel is an incredibly inefficient use of energy. Fortunately, you can eliminate 80-90% of this drain on your personal finances with a solar hot water heater.

Eliminate Energy Costs

Heating hot water for your home can cost as much as a third of your utility bill! A solar hot water system will eliminate up to 30% or more of your utility bill.

Get Money From The Government

The Federal government offers substantial tax credits for people who choose to install a solar hot water system. Additionally, if you live in a sunny state like Maryland (one of the most solar-friendly states), the state will be offering state and county solar tax incentive programs. Many counties in Maryland are now offering property tax credits as well.

Avoid Energy Price Increases

A solar hot water system utilizes the world’s largest source of 100% renewable energy: the sun. While the cost of traditional energy sources will continue to rise in the future, your solar hot water system will provide you with a fixed cost for all your home’s hot water needs.

Help Save The Environment

Enjoy your morning shower knowing that the hot water you’re using is courtesy of nature’s 100% free, renewable energy source. As you join the millions of people all over the world that are already experiencing the benefits of solar hot water, share your CO2-saving experience with your friends and neighbors.


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